David Noggle, CEO

David is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of driving success in the healthcare industry. He brings 20+ years of experience in sales, mergers & acquisitions, leadership, finance, and restructuring. He is a strong business development professional who has pioneered the launch of multiple healthcare businesses, driven their growth, and positioned them for profitable sale and continued growth. Forward-thinking and hyper-aware of market shifts and trajectory, David is a tested healthcare business consultant and leader.


Ana Sargsyan

Ana Sargsyan, Senior Consultant

Ana provides well-rounded experience with nursing and paralegal studies, healthcare administration, and operations management. Approachable, diligent, and solutions-driven, she offers expertise in multiple facets of the healthcare industry including regulations, compliance and risk management. Ana is tri-lingual, detail-oriented, and committed to positive collaboration and client engagement. Her 20+ years of healthcare experience is evident.


Alisha Thoburn

Alisha Thoburn, Business Operations Analyst

Alisha is a strong business development professional skilled assessing operational concerns, organizational structure, quality measures, strategy objectives, and financial management. She is a creative analyst who can think from multiple perspectives and has developed innovative solutions to address specific client challenges. Well-versed in the healthcare industry, Alisha offers insight and direction for broad business strategy as well as detail-driven tactics.


Gina Dow

Gina Dow, Marketing Analyst

Gina is a marketing strategist with 15+ years of experience in marketing management, a decade of which has been specifically in healthcare. She is a creative and enthusiastic professional with an eagerness for problem-solving and driving results. A clear and effective communicator, Gina can assess marketing strategy, brand identity, market positioning, and online reputation. She crafts clear plans and delivers crucial communications and marketing support to promote strategic priorities.

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Why Employee Engagement Matters


Employee engagement is one of the important frameworks that can lead organizations to success. Unfortunately, the concept of employee engagement isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Employees can actually be content or satisfied with their respective jobs and still be disengaged. Many experts define employee engagement as a degree to which employee’s sentiment about their job and boss influences their enthusiasm and motivation to perform better and be involved in the success of the organization. Are you seeking the right strategy to improve employee engagement in your healthcare corporation? A Healthcare Solution in Ohio may be the solution to your inquiry.

The benefits of an engaged employee are beyond job satisfaction, it is about creating an emotional connection and fulfilling environment for employees. It is evident that engaged employees are happier, healthier, have a sense of fulfillment, and do well in their jobs. At AYA Enterprises, we see engagement as an integral aspect, both for the employees and the organizations. We are a Healthcare Consulting Company in Hinckley, Ohio that can help you transform your organization, generate an environment where employees can strive to execute their best every single day, and maintain a strong culture in the organization.

There are diverse strategies applicable to improve employee engagement in any organization. To find the best solution or strategy specific to your organization’s standards, hiring a consulting company is the best thing you can do. Of course, along with employee engagement and workplace culture, the organization’s financial health is also significant. If you are a healthcare corporation that seeks to enhance your organization’s financial health, a Financial Consultation Service in Ohio can be your strategic partner in meeting your sales and marketing goals.

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