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Improving the Quality of Care with EMRs

Improving the Quality of Care with EMRs

Improving the Quality of Care with EMRs

Being a healthcare consulting company in Hinckley, Ohio, we believe that when health care providers have access to wholly accurate information, patients receive better medical care in turn. Electronic medical records (EMRs) can improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce—even prevent—medical errors, improving patient outcomes.

A national survey of medical practitioners offers imperative evidence that:

  • 94% of providers report that their EMR makes records readily available at point of care
  • 88% report that their EMR produces clinical benefits for the practice
  • 75% of providers report that their EMR allows them to deliver better patient care

According to consultants for healthcare solutions in Ohio, with EMRs, providers can have reliable access to a patient’s complete health information. This comprehensive picture can help providers diagnose patients’ problems sooner rather than later.

Another benefit that comes with using EMRs is that it can lessen the chances of making errors in reports, improving patient safety, and supporting better patient outcomes.

How exactly?

EMRs don’t just deliver information, they also compute it. That means that EHRs manipulate the information in ways that make a difference for patients. For example, it can keep records of a single patient’s medications and allergies while at the same time check for problems whenever a new medicine is prescribed which can offer potential complications.

This system also exposes potential safety problems when they occur, giving providers space to avoid more serious consequences, should the time arise. In a paper-based setting, identifying such problems is much more difficult, and correcting them some time.

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