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Healthcare Consulting Services

At AYA Enterprises, we work with healthcare organizations both new and old, large and small. Whether you require a thorough assessment and complete overhaul of your operations or are looking to make a few, precise adjustments to improve specific measures, our experienced team of healthcare consultants can help. We perform business and strategic planning services for a broad range of health care clients throughout the US. Examples of our consulting services include:
strategic plan

Strategic Planning

AYA offers a thorough assessment of your organization as well as the current and emerging national and regional forces impacting healthcare. We recognize the short- and long-term impact of healthcare policy reform. We help you to develop new structures, relationships, marketing positioning, and other key strategic imperatives that define your organization’s success and long-term viability.

Organizational Restructuring - Healthcare Consulting Services

Organizational Restructuring

As your business needs to develop and change, your company structure will likely change too. We can offer insight into whether or not a new structure might improve your business operations, and assist with what that restructuring might look like and how to implement it.

Quality Measures for Healthcare Businesses

Quality Measures

As you seek to provide the highest standard of services to your clients, we at AYA will help you optimize service outcomes by improving the quality of your systems. This involves prioritization, implementation, development, and alignment of new or improved quality measures.

human resources

Human Resources

Our Human Resources consulting service addresses a broad range of HR challenges that most healthcare organizations face. With our expertise, we help companies optimize their HR resources and improve their processes. Our HR improvement services include recruitment and retention, process improvement, performance management and measurement, workplace culture, employee engagement, and career path planning.

financial health

Financial Health

We can help you increase revenue and cut costs efficiently. We advise clients on how to align their finances with their overarching business goals and effectively manage their financial health for the long term. Our financial consultation service includes risk analysis, cost management, accounting and finance consulting, resource allocation, and more.

culture employee management

Culture & Employee Engagement

Do you want to build and maintain a strong culture across your entire organization? At AYA, we can provide you with the necessary tools to forge strong relationships between your employees across every role, location, and department, leading to a strong corporate culture where employees are engaged and loyal.


Patient Experience

Improving the patient and family experience within your practice or organization dramatically improves outcomes, patient satisfaction, and your reputation. AYA can assess your current patient experience and discern opportunities for improvement. We, ultimately, empower your organization to focus on attention to detail and empathy and establish your business as a thought leader in patient experience.

leadership challenges

Leadership Challenges

If you are facing leadership challenges, AYA can help you identify these dilemmas and create a clear roadmap for reform. Once hurdles like lack of alignment, employee morale, and/or performance improvement are identified, we can equip you with the tools and knowledge necessary to address these challenges and firmly establish leadership roles.



Technology is at the crux of transformative healthcare. Telemedicine has grown by leaps and bounds and emerging medical devices can deliver state-of-the-art treatment options to even the smallest medical practice as well as major medical facilities. At AYA our consultants can help you identify which technologies best suit your healthcare organization and how you can maximize their benefits. Our technology consultation focuses on the integration of devices, electronic medical record systems consulting, effective data security and management, handling virtual reality software, and more.

sales and marketing

Sales & Marketing

Whether you are a small clinic looking to grow your patient base or if you are a healthcare corporation that seeks to enhance your sales to doctors, AYA can be your strategic partner in meeting your sales and marketing goals. Our consultants can help you optimize your sales and marketing strategies to drive sustainable and profitable growth. We can help with developing your brand strategy, service development, marketing new products, social media management, pricing strategy, client targeting, and more.

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