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Lower Costs with Smarter Surgery Scheduling

Lower Costs with Smarter Surgery Scheduling

AYA Enterprises advice healthcare providers to focus on their surgery scheduling programs to improve financial and operational efficiencies. It has been identified by professionals from the healthcare consulting companies in Hinckley, Ohio has been identified that the typical characteristics of an ineffective scheduling program include the following:

  • Late surgeons, anesthesiology, and nursing
  • Crisis management of daily schedule (e.g., continual case juggling)
  • Holes in the schedule, poor utilization
  • Extended patient pre- and postoperative length of stay
  • Poor employee morale

Actively addressing these problems will lessen your costs per care by improving facility utilization and increasing the number of cases realistically scheduled each day.

However, achieving this level of consistency in institutions for healthcare solutions in Ohio is a team process that demands systematic preparation. Your organization must first develop a scheduling governance structure for continuous management of daily activities, data input activity, and coordination with supply chain managers.

Our management and financial consultation services in Ohio can help your management team address the reasons why your surgery program is not accurately predicting case times, such as an inaccurate procedure file database, improper use of scheduling software, over-generalized procedure files, and a lack of standard case names.

You can contact us at 330-958-0010. We would love to work with you and your team to increase reliability and income.

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