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Leaders Need to Manage Gossip at Work

Leaders Need to Manage Gossip at Work

In many workplaces, gossip is rampant even in healthcare industries. When employees have nothing better to do, they sometimes spend their time gossiping with their co-workers or managers. According to a consultant for healthcare solution in Ohio, this unfavorable habit often leads to lack of productivity, miscommunication, and even personal conflicts.

Gossiping doesn’t only limit to talking about an associate’s personal life. It can also involve talking about the company and management. Workers usually take a partial truth and turn it into a speculative truth that often puts a reputation in a bad light.

Workers may speculate about extracurricular activities their coworker engages in after work, individual and group performances, whether someone is about to get fired, and what everyone thinks about the future of the company. In other words, they are capable of gossiping about anything under the sun during their free period.

Some leaders choose to turn a blind eye to employee gossip or, worse, participate in it. Sometimes, they share employee gossip with their colleagues during their breaks or meetings. As a result, it creates a toxic culture and workplace.

As a leader, you need to impose a strict policy in regard to gossiping as it may cause low morale and distrust. Let your employees know that there will be consequences to this bad behavior. Remind them about respecting others’ privacy and reputation.

More importantly, set an example to your employees. Don’t engage in gossiping or turn a blind eye to employee gossips. You need to call out the attention of anyone who continues to spread unhealthy rumors and speculations. Otherwise, they won’t respect your policy.

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