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Ideal Qualities of a Hospice Care Provider

Ideal Qualities of a Hospice Care Provider

Hospice care allows patients in the final phase of life to spend their days comfortably at home (or a home-like setting) rather than in a hospital. It is for patients who choose palliative care over curative care, which may no longer be viable.

As a healthcare consulting company in Hickley, Ohio, we attest that not all hospice care services are the same. While many are Medicare certified, how they provide end-of-life care may vary from program to program.

Here, we outline the different qualities that a superior hospice care program would provide. 

  • A physician on staff.
    While most hospice companies work closely with doctors, not all of them have a full-time physician employed. Having a physician accessible allows for quick and accurate changes to care and provides peace of mind for family members.
  • Trained and committed staff.
    There is an advantage in having clinical staff members – including nurses and aides – hold the necessary training and certification for hospice care. Patients and families also are more comfortable and feel more confident in having the consistent caregivers who they can trust and rely on.
  • Multiple facets of support.
    Our healthcare consultants throughout Ohio can attest that hospice patients often require not only support for physical needs, but spiritual and psychological needs as well. Some hospice care providers offer this holistic approach, while others focus only on physical assistance.
  • Outstanding reviews.
    Reviews or recommendations are often based upon first-hand feedback from family members. Having a positive reputation is more valuable than any marketing campaign.
  • Resources to serve in various locations.
    A hospice provider should be able to serve you at your location, whether that’s a skilled nursing facility, your home, or a hospital. They may also offer inpatient hospice care for symptoms that cannot be effectively managed at home. 

For more information about our healthcare or financial consultation services in and around Hinkley, Ohio, contact us at 330-958-0010. We are happy to help you look for solutions to better manage and grow your home health or hospice company.

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