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Qualities of an Engaged Employee

According to the 2013 State of the American Workplace report, an astounding 68.5% of US employees are not engaged in their jobs. Perhaps, it is the best time to also reevaluate whether your employees are really engaged with their roles in the organization. A healthcare corporation with engaged employees have a strong culture, authentic values, … Continue reading

Why Employee Engagement Matters

Employee engagement is one of the important frameworks that can lead organizations to success. Unfortunately, the concept of employee engagement isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. Employees can actually be content or satisfied with their respective jobs and still be disengaged. Many experts define employee engagement as a degree to which employee’s sentiment about their … Continue reading

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Employee Engagement Brings Down Barriers to Company Growth

Employee engagement is so much more than just participating in company events, activities, and games. As per our experts in healthcare solution in Ohio, the engaged employees also need to know that you appreciate them, listen to their opinions, and recognize all their hard work. They need to understand how they fit in with the … Continue reading

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A Good Workplace Culture Is Every Employee’s Dream

When you have a good workplace culture, you create a positive impact on your healthcare employees’ performance, behavior, and well-being. Your employees need to understand what your company stands for and what its mission, goals, and ethics are. They also need to have a work environment that promotes strong leadership and teamwork. According to one … Continue reading

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