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Management Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio

Meetings May Enhance or Destroy Productivity

Our healthcare consulting company in Hinckley, Ohio believes that company meetings or team huddles can encourage engagement, enhance productivity, inspire creativity, and empower teams to help each other to achieve company objectives. However, they may also result in the exact opposite. When meetings or huddles are scheduled poorly with no precise agenda whatsoever, it can … Continue reading

Always Highlight Honesty in the Workplace

As an employer, it is essential that you show to your employees that the company, and yourself, value honesty in the workforce. That way, you can expect them to do the same. At the same time, you can also win their trust and cooperation. Writing a vision statement that highlights honesty may encourage your employees … Continue reading

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Leaders Need to Manage Gossip at Work

In many workplaces, gossip is rampant even in healthcare industries. When employees have nothing better to do, they sometimes spend their time gossiping with their co-workers or managers. According to a consultant for healthcare solution in Ohio, this unfavorable habit often leads to lack of productivity, miscommunication, and even personal conflicts. Gossiping doesn’t only limit … Continue reading

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Anger Management Is Important in the Workplace

People from the workplace can feel anger from time to time. That’s normal. The high demands of the business and pressure can put a lot of stress in one’s mind and body. Personal and professional conflicts can also affect one’s emotions, causing tensions especially if everyone fights for their opinion. As a leader, it is … Continue reading

Praises and Recognition Can Work Wonders on Employees

Employees always appreciate a good reward for their hard work and dedication. They become driven to work because they get something in return that favors them. They are often inspired to perform better with their tasks because they know that in the end their efforts will be compensated. You can motivate most, if not all, … Continue reading

Unethical Behaviors Every Leader Should Avoid

As a leader, it is essential to practice ethical behavior at all times. When we say ethical behavior, it means that you need to be on your best behavior or act in a way that is consistent with what employees and society typically think are good values. If you behave or act in a way … Continue reading