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Management Consulting in Cleveland, Ohio

The Significance of Perioperative Staffing

Allotting the appropriate number and type of staff to surgical operating rooms can be quite the task. To avoid understaffing and creating an unsafe environment, some hospitals tolerate significant amounts of idle time by staffing to historical peaks instead of surgical demand, often with an additional buffer to account for sick time and other paid … Continue reading

Lower Costs with Smarter Surgery Scheduling

AYA Enterprises advice healthcare providers to focus on their surgery scheduling programs to improve financial and operational efficiencies. It has been identified by professionals from the healthcare consulting companies in Hinckley, Ohio has been identified that the typical characteristics of an ineffective scheduling program include the following: Late surgeons, anesthesiology, and nursing Crisis management of … Continue reading

Tips for Grieving Family Members

There is no right or wrong way to process grief–it’s an individual experience. As a healthcare consulting company in Hickley, Ohio, we know that the length of time someone grieves over a loved one can be influenced by many factors. These include age, maturity, family background, and physical or mental health. While everyone grieves differently, … Continue reading

Ideal Qualities of a Hospice Care Provider

Hospice care allows patients in the final phase of life to spend their days comfortably at home (or a home-like setting) rather than in a hospital. It is for patients who choose palliative care over curative care, which may no longer be viable. As a healthcare consulting company in Hickley, Ohio, we attest that not … Continue reading

Improving the Quality of Care with EMRs

Being a healthcare consulting company in Hinckley, Ohio, we believe that when health care providers have access to wholly accurate information, patients receive better medical care in turn. Electronic medical records (EMRs) can improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce—even prevent—medical errors, improving patient outcomes. A national survey of medical practitioners offers imperative evidence … Continue reading

How Often Should You Check Your Investment Accounts?

When the news is blaring that stocks are falling, your first impulse may be to log into your investment account and see what damage has been done to your portfolio. Financial planner, Joe Wirbick of Lancaster, Pennsylvania advices to take it easy. “Checking daily, weekly, or monthly—especially when stocks are down—is just going to make … Continue reading